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The Doorologist, Sacramento Garage Door Repair Service is the Trusted Local Company providing our customers with the industry’s finest garage door products. From a new garage door or lift motor installation to an Emergency broken spring repair. We carry all the parts and products to get the job done on the first visit. We service and install all the major brands, such as Lift master, Stanley, Genie, Craftsman and Access Master. Providing same day service for door replacement, door opener and remote control replacement and programming. With exclusive access to the best names in the business, we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on many of our repair replacement parts. Sacramento Garage Repair Service begins with a Free Quote and ends with a Lifetime Warranty.

Garage Door Repair Service in Sacramento

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When you need a pro, we recommend that you call the Doorologist for all your garage door service & repairs, but there are a few things you can do yourself with just some guidance. We are happy to provide you with these tips.

How to Fix a Noisy, Squeaky Garage Door

  • Disconnect the motor from the door, by pulling on the red cord hanging down from the motor rail.
  • Push the wall button or remote. If the noise still occurs, it tells you that the problem is in the motor.
  • If the motor is noisy, it can be because the motor is old or of poor quality and needs to be replaced. Most people will need to contact a pro like the Doorologist to replace the motor. We have the best parts & equipment and can complete the repair quickly.
  • If when you press the button or garage door remote, you don’t hear a noise, it means the problem is in the door and that is simple for you to fix yourself, if you have the proper equipment.
  • Now that the motor is disconnected from the door you should be able to lift the door by hand.
  • The noise or squeak you hear now is coming from the door and is an easy DIY project.
  • All you need is a simple lubrication on certain moving parts.
  • Some people will try and use WD40, but it is not a lubricant, so the problem will return and you will need to reapply.

Here at the Doorologist, we recommend Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray. 

Locations that sell Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray

Home Depot
2000 Howe Avenue
Lowe’s Home Improvement
10201 Fairway Dr
Meek’s Lumber & Hardware
4243 Dominguez Rd
Orchard Supply Hardware
7431 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove
  • The most frequent cause of the garage door noise or squeak is one that you may not be able to see.
  • Over the top of you door you should see one or two springs attached to a bracket that is bolted to the header.
  • The tube that runs through the springs the whole length of the door is called the torsion tube. Between the torsion tube and where this spring attaches to the bracket is a bearing.
  • Sometimes instead of a real bearing they put a plastic sleeve. The metal torsion tube turns on this plastic sleeve and can sometimes create a squeak
  • Spray some lubrication around the plastic and your squeak will be no more.
  • If you have two springs, you won’t be able to see the center bearing or plastic sleeve.
  • In that case, a quick spray in between the springs wiping off any excessive lubricant should take care of this area.
  • If your garage door still is noisy, at each end of the torsion tube where end bearings are located, and also the hinges themselves can get a spray of lubricant.

Your noise problems should be over.  If you need the best garage door service, please call the Doorologist at (916) 628-6526

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